Electronic Automatic Focuser EAF Advanced (5V)

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EAF, the electronic automatic focuser from ZWO. This motor enables precise, dynamic focus control for planetary and deep-sky imaging. It can be attached to most focusers on the market.

The ZWO EAF works with all capture software supported by the ASCOM platform. The focuser also completes the ASIAIR imaging and control system. Control your entire imaging runs from a smartphone or tablet, even from indoors!

Constructed from an all-metal housing, the attractive red color matches the ZWO cameras.

The advanced version of the EAF includes an external temperature probe and a hand controller.



Tragfähigkeit (kg)5

Stromversorgung (Volt)5 (USB)

Anschluss USB 2.0


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Aussenmasse LxBxH (cm)6 x 5 x 4

Farbe rot

Gewicht (g)277